Monday, 5 February 2018

Visit to Circo Raluy

Hi! Last weekend we visited Circo Raluy. It is a historical circus that travels around the world and this month is in Barcelona. We had a very beautiful experience as our visit included a night in the Raluy Hotel.
The Raluy Hotel is a 19th century carivan originally built in England that has been restored with modern amenities to host guests. It has two rooms, living room and a bathroom in a 20m2 carivan. We did not expect to have such a special time, but the carivan is so well restored, that we felt like real nomad artists for one day.
                                          Image 1:Raluy hotel. We only add pictures of the outside so the inside remains a mystery!

They do not offer food, but you have the freedom to enter in the circus area while being a guest in the Hotel, so we felt really special, going in and out as we pleased to go for lunch and dinner.
Our stay included a pass to the 17h Saturday show as well as a private tour with Globo, the in house clown, that explained us the history of the circus, as well as the current situation of the circus industry.
                                                                   Image 2. Raluy circus. Feel the magic!

We were impressed by the magic of the place, the size of the circus allows approximately 700 people,  so it felt really familiar, all the artists were close by everybody surrounding the arena. Baby Ragnar (11months now) was completely amazed by the show that lasted almost 2h, he could not stop stearing, and he learned how to applaud!

Overall we recommend the experience, we will definetly repeat next time they are in town!
Image 3. We will miss you!

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